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Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Olga. J'habite au sud de la Russie, dans la ville de Rostov-sur-le-Don. J'ai 55 ans. Je suis de taille moyenne, aux cheveux blonds. Je suis optimiste, active, pleine d'energie. j'adore voyager surtout en France. Je m'interesse à sa culture, ses traditions. Vous êtes - l'habitant de la France, libre des enfants, vous avez un bon caractère, un sens d'humour. Vous êtes fidèle, solide, et attentif.

Larisa (1416) - Rostov-na-Donu

My name is Larisa Komissarova. My dream is to learn how to take pictures and draw well with pastel. I love fintess, swimming, listening to music and reading books, going to the theater and movies.For me, family values are important: loyalty, honesty, ability to listen to each other and go to a meeting.I'm an accountant. I like my job because I loved math at school.The man of my dreams should be kind, decent, caring.I think such qualities as responsibility and care are more clearly manifested among foreign men.I also have one daughter, she is 12 years old. My husband died.I live in St. Petersburg, it is a beautiful and large city, it has a lot of history and attractions associated with the history of Russia.I love to travel. I have been to Cyprus, Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, China, Israel, France, Czech Republic.

Elena - Moscow

I am Elena - 08.01.1971. Kozerog. I am kind, romantic and devoted. I have got blond hair and green eyes. I like to learn new things and got new emotions. I have got open mind and like to communical with different people. I like to watch new performances, new films. I like to fo go for a walk in the parks. So i like nature at all.

Марина (1138) - г. Томск

Возраст - 35 лет, рост - 165. Высшее образование, Стройная, женственная, любящая активный отдых на природе, шатенка с зелеными глазами, романтичная, с разносторонними интересами, спортивная - коньки, лыжи, велосипед, автопутешествия. Разведена, воспитывает сына 15 лет. Ждет встречи с мужественным, заботливым и нежным мужчиной до 45 лет, умеющим ценить семейные отношения, уважительным отношением к своей избраннице.

Nataly (1285) - Rostov-on-Don

Hello, my name is Natalia. I am 35 years old. I graduated from the Moscow State University of Commerce and Economics. Good heredity, sports, a healthy style of life and also a constant care of my face and body have let me look younger. I'm looking for a man who becomes my close friend, a passionate lover, a caring partner and a loving husband. My dear Man, if you are looking for wonderful lady to build a harmonious alliance in love, I am here for You. I would like to find a partner (a man) from the following countries: Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland.

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